TPIS Summer School 2015

20th July—24th August

We offer the opportunity for children to spend their summer engaging in a variety of activities and make new friends. Every day begins with fairly formal, but fun sessions of Reading, Math, and English. A topic has been chosen for each week and students will investigate aspects of the topic through a cross curricular approach. Sessions of sports, which will hopefully include swimming in our new pool, Art, Cooking, Library, Performing Arts and ICT.

We have varied the programme slightly every week so that we can use the strengths of staff to maximum effect and give the students the best and most varied experience.

It is now half way through our Summer School. Its getting more exciting and more interesting, as this week topic is all about ‘Mythology’. Students will be visiting the Chinese Temple Museum or as known as ‘Viharn Sien’ on Friday, 25th July 2015. It has lots of Chinese mythology figures and the replicas of the famous figures of Terracotta Warriors and horses from the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. Students will get to see the very unique Taoism and Shaolin arts with relation between Buddish and Chinese.

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